EFOL 2014 Switzerland

Questions & Answers

Are they ordinary hotels in Schwarzsee or only dormitories?
We only propose dormitories at the holiday house at the EFOL competition centre.
If you want to stay in a hotel, we suggest you to contact directly Schwarzsee tourism agency: http://www.schwarzsee.ch/en/index.cfm.
You can call them and search for hotel opportunities in the region. They are informed about EFOL and are ready to advice you.
You can also rent chalets or flats in the region. You can take breakfast and evening meals at the competition centre. Please be aware that the week around Swiss National day (1st August) is very busy.

We would like to reserve as many 2-bed-rooms as possible. How many can we expect?
The holiday house at the competition centre in Schwarzsee has essentially been chosen to provide an accommodation opportunity with a reasonable prices, as Switzerland is known to be rather expensive. We can welcome about 350 people in this holiday house. Following rooms are available:
- 17 2-bed-rooms
- 3 3-bed-rooms
- 6 5-bed-rooms
- 8 10-bed-rooms
- 14 18-bed-rooms
Only 10% of the people will be able to be in a 2-bed-room. The others will have to share their room with other people. We will distribute the rooms as fair as possible and make you the following proposal:
You can order one 2-bed-room per country and another one per 40 participants. All the other people booking for the holiday house at the competition centre in Schwarzsee must be aware that they might have to share their room with 4 to 17 other people. We will do try to keep the teams together, however we cannot guarantee it.

Is it possible to book accommodation in the dormitories in Schwarzsee only for one night?
We accept only registration for 5 nights. The price is the same whether you stay one night, two nights of five nights.

When will the rooms definitely be allocated?
We will make the final allocation of the rooms after the registration deadline (at the beginning of June). So be sure you don't miss this deadline. Late registrations will be distributed among the rooms which are not completely filled.

Are the rooms separated by gender?
This depends upon the registration. We would like the team leaders to tell us (by putting room numbers on the registration form) which persons should be together in one room. Showers and toilets will be separated for everybody.

Is the camping place near the competition centre?
Yes, it is placed in the close surroundings of the holiday centre at the competition centre, close to the lake. Showers and toilets are the same as the holiday house, as well as breakfasts and evening meals.

Is there a possibility to have rooms at the centre before or after the registration period on the form?
We have rent the centre from 28th July to 2nd august. We can offer an additional night from 2nd to 3rd August for people having their flight on Sunday, but then we will have to check out. Renting rooms on a private basis is not possible. You will have to look for another option.

What do you serve for breakfast?
There will be a buffet with bread, jelly, butter, cheese, fruits, Swiss muesli, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. Taking out food will be charged extra.

Is there a possibility to have a drink in the evening?
Yes, you can come to Beat's bar at the competition centre and enjoy a good and fresh Swiss beer or taste some Swiss fine wine. There is a restaurant/bar 200 m away and some other restaurants in the resort village of Schwarzsee (about 1 km)

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